How do Minions behave in battle?

At the beginning of battle, a Minion will march directly towards the enemy side of the battlefield from their Summoning Rune. Once it targets an enemy Minion, it will actively engage it in battle according to its attack range. If a Minion reaches the halfway point of the battlefield and has not yet engaged with an enemy, it will seize the opportunity and rush to attack the nearest objective, which will be either a tower or an enemy Spellcaster.

What different types of Minions are there?

The three main types of Minion are:

The Archer. A ranged unit that can assault opponents from a good distance. However, a lack of armor means this unit needs to be protected from direct assault
The Swordsman. A deadly melee unit who wields a blade to unleash devastating attacks up close. His armor provides robust protection against attacks
The Brawler. A tough armored minion who can sustain high amounts of damage while attacking nearby enemies with his fists.

For each Minion, you can view their health and attack damage by tapping on them during the battle.

How can I summon a new Minion?

Minions can be summoned from Summoning Runes that act as portals between their realm and this one. It takes time for new Minions to be summoned.

How do I unlock a Spellcaster?

You unlock Spellcasters by leveling up. Valen is the first Spellcaster, then you unlock Ruul at level 4, Ameryl at level 8 and Mordrake at level 12 and Lyra at level 16

What is the difference between Spellcasters?

At the current time there are 5 Spellcasters: Valen, Ruul, Ameryl, Mordrake and Lyra. Each of them practice a different school of the mystical arts. Each of these Spellcasters has its own special ability, that you can trigger by tapping the appropriate button during the battle. Valen will stun enemy minions, Ruul will Ignite all enemy Minions, Ameryl increases attack speed of friendly Minions,  Mordrake raises skeletons from tombs, which appear when friendly Minions are killed and Lyra turns friendly Minions invisible to enemies. 


How do I get mana and what do I use it for?

Mana is the magical energy used during battle to cast spells. Each Spellcaster automatically generates mana over time and spends it to cast spells.
The amount of mana required to cast each spell is shown at the top left corner of the spell.


How can I play with my friend?

You can challenge your friend to a Battle. Just open Friend Leaderboards to see the list of all friends that you have in the game, please note that for this it is necessary to connect your account to Facebook. In the Friend Leaderboard screen your friends who are online will have a green dot next to their name, just tap on any of them and then choose “Challenge”.

Can I forfeit a battle?

Once the players are matched a battle cannot be stopped. Each player will be given 30 seconds to show activity to begin the battle. If one or both players fail to begin battle after this 30-second interval, player(s) that did not start the battle will be considered disconnected and lose the battle immediately.

How are players matched?

Players are matched depending on their in-game rating.


Can I test the Spells?

You can access Practice Mode from the Spell Collection screen. This allows you to safely test out your spells and abilities against an AI opponent. Practice battles don’t affect your current score and don’t grant any gold, chests or XP.


Can I earn extra Spellcaster spells?

No. Each Spellcaster has approximately the same number of spells.

What kind of spells are there?

There is a basic set of spells that all Spellcasters can use in battle, and special spells unique to each Spellcaster. Additionally, spells come in three rarities: common, rare, and epic.

Leveling Up

How do I open chests?

Opening chests is a time-based system. The chests can be opened after a certain amount of time depending on the chest type:

Fine Chest – 2h
Artisan Chest – Now guarantees rare spell – 8h
Deluxe Chest – Now guarantees epic spell – 16h
Tutorial Chest – Instant

What are chests?

You obtain chests by winning matches, they contain new spells and gold. There are different types of chests with different rarities and quantities of gold and cards. You’ll also be able to obtain special kinds of chests through the store in order to speed up the unlocking of new spells.

What are gems for and what is gold for?

There are two currencies in Spellsouls. Gold, which is earned from battle and gems, which can be purchased with real money or obtained from gift boxes inside the game.
While some items – such as premium chests – require gems, you can buy most items with either gold or gems. It’s up to you!

How do I level up?

You level up by earning Experience Points in battles. After every battle you will earn a specific amount of XP which will depend on the battle outcome and it is earned as soon as the battle ends. You gain a certain amount of XP even if you are defeated. As you progress through the game you will be required more and more XP in order to level up. To see details about your progression and how much XP is needed for each level just tap your profile avatar and choose Level Info.

What do I get by leveling up?

Your level is an important measure of your progress in the game. When you level up you unlock the chance to collect new spells, new Spellcasters and other features. Increasing your level also improves the contents of all chests in the game, meaning the higher your level the more spells and currencies you earn from each chest.


What are quests?

Quests are daily challenges that you can complete and earn gems and cards as a reward. You can have up to 3 quests at the same time. One new quest is generated every 12 hour and will be delivered only if you have less then 3 quests.


In which countries is Spellsouls currently available?

Spellsouls is currently available in Taiwan, Canada, Croatia, Serbia, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands.

In which languages is the game available?

Spellsouls is currently available in English and Chinese traditional.

Does Spellsouls cost anything?

No. You can download and play Spellsouls for free, though the game does include a shop where items can be bought for real money.

Where can I get updates on when the game will be available?

For regular updates please check our website.

When will Spellsouls be available in my country/region?

Our team is working hard to bring Spellsouls to all players worldwide. Before we introduce the game to a new region, we need to perform a number of tests and optimizations to make sure the game is running as it should be.

Are there any age restrictions?

According to our Privacy Policy you must be at least 13 years old to use Nordeus Services, and if you are under 18 you need parental or guardian approval. Please check our user agreement for more information.

How to contact us?

You can contact us by clicking “Contact us” on the bottom of our website or go to the Spellsouls Main Menu, open Community Tab and tap on “Support” located in top right corner of the screen. You can also send us an email at



What is the app size?

The app is around 100MB and on first install it will download additional game resources. We recommend using a WiFi connection for the initial download and running it for the first time.

When will the game be available on Android?

We are working hard to make the game available for Android. If you wish to receive an update on when the game will be available in your country or for Android devices, please pre-register here and keep an eye on our social media feeds for future announcements.

What devices are supported?

Currently, we support only iOS devices with iOS versions 9.0 or above installed. Below is the list of devices:

iPhone 7 Plus iPod Touch 6G
iPhone 7 iPad Pro
iPhone 6s iPad Air 2
iPhone 6s Plus iPad Air 1
iPhone 6 iPad Mini 4
iPhone 6 Plus iPad Mini 3
iPhone SE iPad Mini 2
iPhone 5s iPad Mini 1
iPhone 5c iPad 4
iPhone 5 iPad 3
iPhone 4s

We also recommend having at least 1GB of free space in order for the game to run properly.


How can I report a bug?

We really appreciate your help in making the game better. To report a bug you can click on “Contact us” on the bottom of our website or go to the Spellsouls Main Menu, open Community Tab abnd tap on “Support” located in top right corner of the screen. You can also send us an email at


What sort of internet connection do I need to play?

Spellsouls is real-time PvP and as such requires a continuous internet connection in order for the battle feature to work. It can run either on cellular data or via a Wi-Fi connection.


Can I play on two devices?

Yes, you can play on two iOS devices, and in order to sign up make sure you are connected to the Game Center on the device you want to keep the progress on. To do that, click on profile, and then connect to the Game Center. After that step, sign in with the same Game Center ID on the second device and install and run the game.

Do I need to register to play the game?

Our game does not require registration or have any sign-up process. Just download the app and play! If you wish to compare your ranking with your friends we recommend connecting the game to Facebook. We will only use a list of your friends that play the game so we can display their ranking on leaderboards. For further information on how we manage your personal data please take a look at our Privacy Policy.