Card Progression

The world has been divided into 3 classes: Realm, Arcana and Void. Each class has its own pool of runes. Runes are vital to powering and leveling up cards. Card duplicates are still needed for level ups so be sure to try to amass duplicates and runes! All chests have a chance of giving runes of any class. Power up your cards with runes and gold to receive flat stat bonuses and if you are worthy enough to reach a level up, you can exponentially increase a cards strength.

How do minions behave in battle?

Minions always attack the opponent’s unit first prior to the Portals The lane needs to be clear before the Minions can attack the portal, except when the minion has an area damage and is at the end of the lane and can hit both the Minion and Portals simultaneously. Also, some Minions have special abilities that can bypass other Minions and strike directly at their Portals.

How does overtime work?

If one of the castles do not get destroyed within 4 minutes the overtime starts. During overtime both castles lose a bit of health every second of the game.

Can I forfeit a battle?

Once the players are matched a battle cannot be stopped.

How are players matched?

Players are matched depending on their current number of trophies.

How can I play with my friend?

You can challenge your friends in Guild friendly matches. Make sure to join a Guild to take advantage!

How can I see previous battles?

If you want to watch a replay of one of your previous battles, just go to Player Profile screen and scroll down to Battle History and choose the battle that you’d like to see. This can help you improve your skills and spot opportunities to cast different spells. You can also speed up or pause the recording.

How do I level up?

Your level determines the strength of your Portals. You can level up by gaining experience through upgrading or donating Cards to members of your Guild.


There are different types of chests with different rarities and quantities of gold and Cards. You’ll also be able to obtain special kinds of chests through the store. The amount of Cards you win in chests depends on your Arena.

Tutorial chests
– You can earn them only during tutorial

Free chests
– One free chest is generated every 4 hours. You can have a maximum of 2 slots to store free chests. If they are both full, the new free chest will not be generated until you open them.

Battle chests
– You earn battle chests when you win a battle. You have 4 slots to store battle chests, if the slots are full you can continue playing battles but you will not be earning new chests until you free up space. There are 3 types of battle chests that you can earn:
– Simple chest: takes 2 hour to unlock
– Artesian chest: takes 8 hours to unlock
– Deluxe chest: takes 16 hours to unlock

Victory chest
– You can open one per day and is unlocked after 8 victories.

What are gems for and what is gold for?

There are two currencies in Spellsouls. Gold, which is earned from battle and gems, which can be purchased with real money.

What do I win from winning and losing?

– If you lose the battle you will not earn any rewards and a specific amount of trophies will be deducted.
– If you win a battle you will earn a new chest, providing that you have a free slot for it. You will also earn gold and trophies. Amount of gold that you win is fixed and depends on your Arena level and the amount of trophies depends on your opponent. You do not get rewards if you win a Practice Battle or a Friendly Guild Battle.


There are 6 Arenas at the moment: Tutorial Arena, Sacred Forest, Mithril Forge, Sky Palace, Necropolis and Temple of the Ancients. To unlock an Arena you need to earn a predefined number of trophies. By unlocking new Arenas you are also unlocking new type of Cards that you can get from chests.

Can I practice?

You can access Practice Mode from the Edit Deck screen. This allows you to safely test out your cards against an AI opponent. Practice battles don’t affect your current number of trophies and don’t grant any rewards.


Each player starts with 5 Cards in their hand. In the first part of the battle only 1 card is drawn at a time. In the second part of the battle, after your maximum mana reaches 7, the battle escalates and 2 Cards are drawn until the end of the battle. The maximum hand size is 6 so any additional drawn Card will be discarded if you do not free up the space in your hand. You can make space by using the Card in the Battle or by discarding the Card that you do not want from your current deck. To discard a Card just tap or drag on the Card you do not want and then tap the bin icon. During the battle, Cards are drawn randomly from your deck. You can speed up Card drawing but it will consume 5 mana points.


Mana is the magical energy used during battle to cast cards. Mana is automatically generated over time. The maximum mana you can have during the battle is 12. You start the battle with 2 and that number increases every time a new card is drawn.

Edit deck

At the beginning of the game you can have 6 cards in your battle deck. The maximum deck size is 14. In order to unlock 14 cards you first need to unlock 14 uniques cards. Note that you can equip the deck with 2 cards of the same type. You can have only one Legendary card of the same card.


You collect cards by opening chests. There are 2 type of cards: Minions and Spells. All cards come in four rarities: common, rare, epic and legendary.


In which countries is Spellsouls currently available?

Spellsouls is currently available in Taiwan, Vietnam, Canada, Croatia, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands.

When will Spellsouls be available in my country/region?

Our team is working hard to bring Spellsouls to all players worldwide. Before we introduce the game to a new region, we need to perform a number of tests and optimizations to make sure the game is running as it should be.

Are there any age restrictions?

According to our Privacy Policy you must be at least 13 years old to use Nordeus Services, and if you are under 18 you need parental or guardian approval. Please check our user agreement for more information.

How to contact us?

You can contact us by clicking “Contact us” on the bottom of our website or go to the Spellsouls Main Menu, open Community Tab and tap on “Support” located in top right corner of the screen. You can also send us an email at



What is the app size?

The app is around 100MB and on first install it will download additional game resources. We recommend using a WiFi connection for the initial download and running it for the first time.

What devices are supported?

We support  iOS (versions 9.0 and above) and Android (4.0.3 and above and 1G of RAM)



How can I report a bug?

We really appreciate your help in making the game better. To report a bug you can click on “Contact us” on the bottom of our website or go to the Spellsouls Main Menu, open Community Tab abnd tap on “Support” located in top right corner of the screen. You can also send us an email at


What sort of internet connection do I need to play?

Spellsouls is real-time PvP and as such requires a continuous internet connection in order for the battle feature to work. It can run either on cellular data or via a Wi-Fi connection.


Can I play on two devices?

Yes, you can play on two iOS devices, and in order to sign up make sure you are connected to the Game Center on the device you want to keep the progress on. To do that, click on profile, and then connect to the Game Center. After that step, sign in with the same Game Center ID on the second device and install and run the game.

Do I need to register to play the game?

Our game does not require registration or have any sign-up process. Just download the app and play! If you wish to compare your ranking with your friends we recommend connecting the game to Facebook. We will only use a list of your friends that play the game so we can display their ranking on leaderboards. For further information on how we manage your personal data please take a look at our Privacy Policy.